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Autism Friendly Communities Program

About the Autism Friendly Communities Program

It is our mission to create a community where individuals with Autism are accepted and included in meaningful and supportive environments. The aim of this program is to provide Autism training to businesses, schools, and agencies so they can provide supportive spaces where individuals with Autism and any other disability can thrive.


ASGD personalizes each training for your agency to deliver quality and professional training that will equip your team with knowledge on ASD.  In order to better support individuals with disabilities and their families, we can also include training in best practices with interacting with people on the spectrum, deescalation techniques, supportive verbiage, and even help your business with specific ways to lift up your employees with disabilities and make them the best employee you every hired. 

Our team will partner with your organization to identify what resources, support, and training that will best suit your needs.  Through the Lunch & Learn model your staff can gain confidence in their interactions with the special needs population without interrupting their regular working schedule.

Here are several examples of what we can offer:

  • Education: Autism 101
  • Education: Disability History
  • Education: First Responder Training
  • Education:  ADA Myths, Facts, Compliance vs Integration
  • Best practices: Turning a frustrating employee into the employee of the Month
  • Best practices: Community Inclusion recommendations for your Business
  • Best practices: Interactions, Self-advocates explain their wishes
  • Supportive Spaces: Accessible medical environments & Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI)
  • Supportive Spaces: Creating an Autism Friendly Business
  • Supportive Spaces: Youth Engaged in Leading and Learning series
  • LifeCourse Tools: Developing Autonomy in Your Business
  • LifeCourse Tools: Integrated Supports
  • LifeCourse Tools: Exploring Decision Making Supports
  • LifeCourse Tools: Person Centered Planing


When an organization invests time in learning about ASD and supporting individuals with disabilities, they are contributing to a more inclusive community and setting up each individual for success.  Training will increase the skill set of your staff and will contribute to a more inclusive and successful environment for everyone.

Contact us about becoming a Certified Autism Friendly Business

Upon training completion your business will receive a Certificate & Window Decal to put up in your place of business to identify you as a supportive space for special needs individuals and families.

We will celebrate your businesses commitment to Excellence in Community Support with social media posts.

And your business will be added to our Autism Friendly Business Listing on our website (with links), where families can go to find businesses that are welcoming and supportive in our state.

If you are interested in training for your organization, please contact us for more information or to schedule learning at: as.greaterdetroit@gmail.com




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