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Business & Baking Academy
(a Pie & Pastry Cooperative)

The AS.PIE baking co is a revolutionary program founded on a For Youth / By Youth social enterprise.

We will support our community by making “Products with a Purpose” to fight isolation and loneliness in our ASD community.

In this program, isolated ASD teens and adults receive peer support while practicing skills needed to be successful out in the community, including: increased employ-ability and entrepreneurship skills. Boosting personal productivity, increase in conflict-resolving skills, improving outlook on life & an increased quality of life are all key outcomes for participants. 

Young adult mentors partnered with adult professionals use an adapted relaxed curriculum to teach life, social, business and baking skills to individuals with learning disabilities.  Sale of the items will make this program self-sustainable and program participants will feel the joy of contributing to community causes.

This program is for individuals with special needs ages 13 to 50.

The youth will have access to the Business & Baking Academy learning modules, while learning hands on in the kitchen.

While the adults will learn hand-on with the Pie & Pastry Cooperative in the kitchen and offer support to the younger participants.

Above all this is a social program and at the end of every session we will enjoy snacks and each others company with a social hour.

This program is still in its budding stages.

We are excited to partner with the Better Detroit Brownie Co & the The Better Detroit Youth Movement on this project. Learn more about our partners here.

This joint venture offers much community collaboration. Come learn the joy of baking and personal growth with us in the AS.PIE program.

To join the AS.PIE Committee and help develop the flavors and recipes soon to be offered.

Or for more information on this program email us at AS.GreaterDetroit@gmail.com

If you are interested in joining the Advisory Committee or being our first participants in the AS.Pie Academy fill out the forms below to be added to the list.

Meet your Baker Mentors

Introducing Chef Alia

Alia owns a small local catering business: Alia’s Catering 

They have catered for Lawrence Tech Robotic Competitions & Boy Scouts of America Regional Meetings, as well as some local events.

She is Serve Safe Certified and is attending classes at MCC in Culinary Arts.

Her dream is to own her own bakery one day.

Introducing Chef A’Nyla

A’Nyla runs a home treat business, A’Nyla’s Sweet Treats.

She loves baking and her specialty is pound cakes & cupcakes.

Her dream is to be the best version of herself and help her community.

Apple pie



Variety Tower

Cherry pie

Youth Advisory Committee

                             * Alyssandria N                        *Daniel N

                             * Garrett N                                *Kristianna N

                             * Eli P                                         * Lena D

                             * Ari P                                         * Maria R

                             * Araletta N                               * Nicholas L

                             * Romina N                               * Isabella L




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