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Aging and Disability Vaccine Collaborative

Our purpose

Foster connections through community partnerships

Transform the vaccine experience

Build trust, confidence, capacity, and inclusion


Recognizing and respecting differences and offering accommodations is a first step on our way towards true acceptance and inclusion.

At the Autism Society, we believe inclusion is the foundation for improving outcomes in the global Autism community – and it is the foundation of our Accessible Vaccination model.

Goal: To increase access and uptake of COVID-19 and flu vaccinations in local communities throughout MI

Worried that its impossible to subdue your child if someone approached them with a needle?

Needle phobia and a fear of doctors and hospitals among the special needs community is largely overlooked.

A majority of parents of severely autistic children say they will not take their child for the vaccine because they fear he or she might flip out, panic, attempt to run away or get aggressive once approached with a needle.

Our elderly population often experience similar feelings and stresses.

Our VEI clinic model transforms the experience with a sensory friendly environment & adaptive supports to help individuals with disabilities as well as the elderly population.

Past Clinic Feedback

“Helping my daughter have a positive vaccination experience to help her move past her fears, and seeing her so well respected by the volunteers/staff.”

“The different tools used to distract my son and make him comfortable and relaxed as possible.  Also that nobody held him down.”

Contact our ADVC Staff to learn how to recieve Education & Training

Email: HzielinskiASGD@gmail.com

Health Professionals!

Schedule a Lunch & Learn

We will share what we have learned through our Vaccine Education Initiative and the incredible impact that we can have within the Autism and disability community when we work together. 

We can also teach you how to use the VEI Clinic model and help you provide a clinic to your local community as well.

Contact our ADVC Staff to learn how to:
* Receive Education & Training
* Schedule a Lunch & Learn
* Plan a VEI Clinic

Email: HzielinskiASGD@gmail.com




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