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World Autism Acceptance Month

We are happy to partner with the Detroit Tigers again this year for this special inclusion event for World Autism Acceptance Month.

Enjoy a day out in the community and watch a Tigers game this year.  Specially priced Tigers game Tickets are now on sale.

ASGD Board members will be available during the game at our outreach table.  We will have a raffle and welcome the community to ask questions and come see us about our supportive programs and how to connect with other wonderful organizations in our state.

Scholarships are available please email us at AS.GreaterDetroit@gmail.com

**ASD Individuals may receive a FREE ticket to the game by emailing AS.GreaterDetroit@gmail.com
*Family members and caregivers of these individuals may obtain specially priced tickets @ $5. To receive the Family Code include family information with the request for free ticket

  • Purchase Tickets

    Day at the Ballpark

    This inclusion event is open to all supporters and the community.

    ASGD seating is now full.  But Specially priced tickets can be purchased directly from the Tigers at Autism Society of Greater Detroit (fevo-enterprise.com)



    Autism Society of Greater Detroit is a NON-PROFIT 501(c)3 organization.

    Sponsorships are tax deductible, please email us at  as.greaterdetroit@gmail.com to discuss Sponsorship options.



    Autism Society of Greater Detroit is a NON-PROFIT 501(c)3 organization.

    Sponsorships are tax deductible, please email us at  as.greaterdetroit@gmail.com to discuss this special Sponsorship.

  • MI Acceptance Event Press Release


    March 1, 2024

    Autism Society of Greater Detroit Announces

    2nd Annual Autism Acceptance Day at the Ballpark


    ASGD partners with Detroit Tigers to promote ACCEPTNACE and inclusion during April – World Autism Awareness Month.

    The Autism Society of Greater Detroit (ASGD) is a 501(C)3 Nonprofit organization run 100% by passionate volunteers.  ASGD creates connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully.   “ASGD was formed to bring a community of people together focused on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion with a vision of a better life for our Autism community,” states Henry Yanez, ASGD founding board member.

    Every day, we work to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community to live fully. We believe that acceptance is creating a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it.

    The Detroit Tigers are helping the ASGD maximize Autism Acceptance during April, with a special Day at the Park outing for the community.  This inclusion event is open to all supporters and the community; tickets can be purchased at https://givebutter.com/DayAtTigers24


    The Detroit Tigers are doing their part to contribute to healthier community living by providing a quiet space for individuals with sensory challenges, free of charge, at all their baseball games. 

    Additionally, the Autism Society of Greater Detroit will have free sensory bags at their table for individuals to utilize and take home after the event.  ASGD board members will be present to answer any questions and to share information about their local supportive initiatives.

    ASGD helps eliminate isolation by assuring individuals with special needs and their families have a tangible connection to needed social supports and networks.  “With our advocacy efforts and focus on inclusion we are a vital part of the solution to discrimination in our state,” says ASGD President, Monica Bihar-Natzke.

    The ASGD provides support in ways that each local community identifies for themselves; we do this through education, advocacy, information and referrals, and community programs and partnerships.

    We deliver several initiatives that the Metro Detroit community has identified as strongly needed:

    • Playgroup Meet ups: Parents/Guardians help others by sharing their own knowledge and experience, while their child(ren) play in a safe environment.
    • Virtual Peer Support Groups: A safe space where individuals share experiences, get information & advice, and make community connections. Specific groups include Siblings, Adults with ASD, Parents/Caregivers
    • “Navigating Autism” Information & Referrals: The 24/7 messaging service is always ready for families to ask questions and obtain a quick response of advice from parents with experience raising special needs family members: 517-220-0306
    • Community Learning: We educate people about special needs and various interventions.  In addition to families, we also work to educate members of the community, such as first responders, on how they can serve individuals on the autism spectrum.
    • Autism Friendly Business Listing: A list for ASD families of businesses that have completed training(s) and have the necessary knowledge to be a welcoming space for individuals with Autism & all special needs.


    “ASGD is valuable because building connections and sharing resources is an essential and critical part of what we can do to support each other.  Autism and disability experience is vast; it impacts us all in different ways,  ASGD is an important avenue to help guide and assist people in the community as they navigate their lives.” – Stephanie Deible, M.ED.,  ASGD founding board member


    Autism Society of Greater Detroit is a NON-PROFIT 501(c)3 organization. (EIN: 88-1145107.)  Donations are tax deductible, please visit https://givebutter.com/Wp3Jvl


    If you would like to speak further about our cause or how your support can help, please reach out to us at as.greaterdetroit@gmail.com.




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Autism Society of Greater Detroit is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity and our tax ID is 88-1145107